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What are you doing to protect your vision?

May is Healthy Vision Month and WXXI Reachout Radio wants to remind you that keeping your vision healthy allows you to see and enjoy all that the world and your life has to offer. Did you know that people with diabetes have a higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy, cataracts or glaucoma? Learn more about diabetic eye disease.

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This week's PODCASTS

Articles from WXXI and University of Southern California report on the ways   aging affects our senses of smell and taste and changes that occur to skin and hair.

If you use the JAWS screen reader, chances are you've heard of Ted Henter who founded Henter-Joyce and later sold the company to Freedom Scientific. This week, Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Ted about his contributions to assistive technologies and other projects. If you think you know where the "Joyce" came from in Henter-Joyce, be prepared for a surprise!

Reviews: An Assortment

Michael J. Fox explains to AARP Magazine why he is still laughing, working, and defying the odds twenty-six years after being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Also, research into how singing improves Parkinson's symptoms and quality of life.

The Scarlett Woman

Host Mary DeFranco shares "Why Every Man Needs a Dog in His Life" from the June 2017 edition of Men's Journal which explains why life is just better with a dog. 

What is Reachout Radio?

WXXI Reachout Radio, is a special radio service that provides access to newspapers, and other print content for people who are unable to read print due to vision loss or physical disability.

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