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November 2016 ACB Reports

This month is a time of Presidential transition. Tony Stephens, Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs at the American Council of the Blind explains the process.
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This week's PODCASTS

AUDIOPINION by Simon Vance; Audiofile Editors Select 2016 Best Audiobooks; BEST: Young Adult audiobooks; Reviews: Young Adult

Can video games be good for a child's eyes? Actually, they are being explored as a possible treatment for lazy eye, or ambylopia, in children. This program will explain the current thinking on this subject and give you an idea of what some of the games are like when kids play them.

Pet Lover

Holiday safety for your pets, keeping pets warm in the winter, and the LA Times Gift Guide just for our furry friends.

A look at 4 different rare conditions, including progressive supranuclear palsy, aquegenic urticaria and body identity disorder

The article the Caregiver’s Dilemma in the  journal Scientific American Mind includes the many aspects of caregiving including gender, culture and community, managing stress and social support as well as respite and the power of a plan.

What is Reachout Radio?

WXXI Reachout Radio, is a special radio service that provides access to newspapers, and other print content for people who are unable to read print due to vision loss or physical disability.

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A special receiver is needed to access this service. Receivers are supplied free of charge to eligible applicants.