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Floaters and flashes - the Saga Continues

Just two weeks ago I started down a road of vision changes that I had never experienced before - floaters and flashes in my field of vision in my right eye. After some rapid changes over three days, a torn retina was discovered and repaired. On my one-week check-up, all looked good. That was then...this is now. Just 16 days after this journey began, my left eye developed a floater. Not a big deal, just one small spot and a light little squiggle. But then I noticed the flashes. Wow...what a...

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Exercises to help maintain balance with vision loss

Passing of a dear friend - Mary McCarty

This week's PODCASTS

Dog Discoveries

National Geographic explains why dogs are so friendly, we'll learn the differences between dogs and wolves, and could your cat's cough be asthma?

Reviews: Biography, History & Memoir;Narrator Interview: Graeme Malcolm; Reviews: Fiction

Tennis anyone?  Having limited vision is no longer an excuse for not getting out on the court and enjoying this sport with others.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey speak with Brooke Severance who runs a program through Court 16 which teaches people with visual impairments to play tennis with some minor modifications to the rules and equipment.

Floaters and flashes in your vision happen to almost everybody. But at some point, these become NOT normal and should be considered an eye emergency. In this program I'll share the personal story of Reachout Radio Program Director Ruth Phinney and her experience with floaters, flashes and the resulting retinal tear.


Articles from AARP, Next Avenue and others offer information on digital assistants, apps for smartphones and assistive devices to make life easier for seniors.

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