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ACB Reports: March 2018 Meet the Cantos triplets, 03/11/18

In this episode of ACB Reports you'll meet a set of blind teenage triplets and their adoptive father. You'll also hear about a new phone app that assisted many people during the recent Affiliate President's and Legislative seminar. Click on title to listen and learn more.

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This week's PODCASTS

The Funeral Consumers Alliance, dedicated to protecting vulnerable grieving families, offers information on your rights as a funeral consumer.  AARP provides information on current funeral trends.

Iowa Department for the Blind -

There are many ways to experience art.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with tactile artist Ann Cunningham about her work and how it can be enjoyed even with your eyes closed.  They also talk with Erin Cousins and Danielle Schulz of the Denver Art Museum about programs at the museum that provide a customized experience for people with differing needs.

National Geographic tells us why Easter is bad for bunnies.  Plus, we'll learn which dogs are best for apartments, and whether your parrot should be on your shoulder.

In this program you will hear lots of new information about glaucoma. The program will include new medications, a new method of administering the drops and even a way to test your IOP at home. Other short topics will be included, too.

With the rise of drug-resistant bacteria and increases in chronic wounds from diabetes, maggots are once again being used for treatment. Enzymes in maggot saliva clear away dead tissue and infected flesh that otherwise surgeons would scrape away using a scalpel.  To keep things on the squeamish side - an article on why nose-picking is bad and how to stop it, as well as information about boils on the buttocks.

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