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Over 60 and facing vision loss - Project REBUILD

Did you know that if you are over age 60, you might be one of the one in eight people that will experience some degree of vision loss? It could be cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration or glaucoma. And other health problems, such as stroke, may impact vision as well. Hearing the news that you may lose your signt completely isn't easy. In fact, knowing that you may lose your sight can bring on a level of depression that could impact you significantly. About 30 percent of the...

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Have you ever seen something, and then realized it’s not actually there? You might have seen people, animals or intricate patterns. These troublesome images might be visual hallucinations possibly caused by your serious eyesight problems. This program is a personal story about visual hallucinations, also called the Charles Bonnet Syndrome.


In this segment of Fraying at the Edges, Geri Taylor ironically coaches her husband on the Alzheimer’s shuffle for his part in a play and applies for a clinical trial for an Alzheimer’s drug.

The June 2018 What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine asks “how good is your digestion”, and offers simple do-it-yourself home tests to find out about your gut. One fun fact from the article - your large intestine will process around 50 tons of food in your lifetime.

Editors’ Picks, Part 1; The Download: Conversation with Author Janis Ian; Reviews: Spectrum: In Our Time

Pets+Us #1829: Receiving a Guide Dog, 07/19/18

Jul 16, 2018
Guide Dogs of America

We'll get a first hand account of what it's like to receive a guide dog, we'll learn how to go eco-friendly with our pets, and we'll discover the many products that contain an ingredient that's toxic to dogs.

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