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ACB Reports: March 2018 Meet the Cantos triplets, 03/11/18

In this episode of ACB Reports you'll meet a set of blind teenage triplets and their adoptive father. You'll also hear about a new phone app that assisted many people during the recent Affiliate President's and Legislative seminar. Click on title to listen and learn more.

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Pets+Us #1812: Adopting a Pet Rabbit, 03/22/18

Mar 19, 2018
Great Sage

Are you thinking of adopting a rabbit? House Rabbit Society has some ideas on where to get your new pet. We have some cold weather tips from the ASPCA, and how to help timid pets.

Wikipedia, AARP and the National Women’s History Project  provide history, profiles, and quotes from some familiar and some not so familiar women.


EOS #1812: Running with WayBand, 03/21/18

Mar 19, 2018

Developing new access technologies sometimes requires intrepid individuals willing to test and work out the kinks in new systems despite occasional failures.  Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey speak with Simon Wheatcroft, a blind motivational speaker and distance runner, about his experiences testing the WayBand device by running the New York City marathon.

Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Narrator Interview: Rob Shapiro

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the devastating global influenza outbreak. Smithsonian magazine follows the history of this plague, which killed more people than all the military deaths in World War 1 and World War 2 combined. 

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