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Beat the summer heat with a Talking Thermostat

The summer heat is on and if your thermostat isn't accessible, it may be difficult to get the relief you need. There are products that are meant to help you, but will they work or not?

AFB's AccessWorld reviews some products and apps that work, and those that haven't been as accessible as hoped. This review will help you determine what product or app is right for you. Why waste time getting the wrong product when AFB's AccessWorld product reviewers have done the homework for you....

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This week's PODCASTS

Reviews: Biography & Memoir; Author Interview: Sheila Nevins; Feature: Learning by Ear


National Eye Institute - NIH

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a group of rare, genetic disorders that involve a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina—which is the light sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Ruanne Vent-Schmidt, a graduate student with RP whose research is focused on understanding the condition and developing treatments.

Pets+Us #1734: Dogs in Summer, 08/17/17

Aug 14, 2017

We'll learn about summer dog training and feeding tips, why cats love cardboard boxes, and comedian Brian Fischler give us his top ten misconceptions about guide dogs.

Humor and seriousness blend well in AARP’s July issue featuring Steve Martin, and offerings by David Hasselhoff, Mary Steenburgen, Alan Alda and laughing yoga

This is the first of two programs bringing you information about research and advocacy organizations of interest to people who are blind or visually impaired. Today you'll hear about the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the National Federation of the Blind, the American Foundation for the Blind and the American Council of the Blind. 

What is Reachout Radio?

WXXI Reachout Radio, is a special radio service that provides access to newspapers, and other print content for people who are unable to read print due to vision loss or physical disability.

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