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AudioFile provides selected news and reviews of recent releases of audiobooks from the most recent issue of AudioFile Magazine.

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Publishers Corner: Beacon Press Audio; Reviews: Business and Personal Growth; Learning by Ear; Reviews: Personal Growth; Reviews: Historical Fiction

Reviews: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Audio Theatre; Author Interview: N. K. Jemisen; Reviews: Classics and Drama

Feature: Authentic Voices; Reviews: Biography/Memoir/History; Narrator Interview: Lisa Renee Pitts

“Listening With”; Audiofile Editors Select 2016 Best Audiobooks; BESTS: Non-Fiction/Culture; Reviews: Contemporary Culture; “Learning By Ear”; Reviews: The Struggle for Women’s Rights Continues

Editors’ Picks of New Releases, Part 2; Audiofile Editors Select 2016 Best Audiobooks; BESTS: Sci/Fi/Fantasy; Reviews: Sci/Fi/Fantasy

Audiofile Editors Select 2016 Best Audiobooks; BESTS: Fiction; Reviews: Fiction; Narrator Interview: Joy Osmanski

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1652: Dec/Jan #3, 12/22/16

Dec 20, 2016

Audiofile Editors Select 2016 Best Audiobooks; BESTS: Romance; Reviews: Romance; Reviews: Historicl Fiction/Horror

Audiofile Editors Select 2016 Best Audiobooks; BESTS: Children/Family Listening; Reviews: Children/Family Listening; Author Interview: Grace Lin

AUDIOPINION by Simon Vance; Audiofile Editors Select 2016 Best Audiobooks; BEST: Young Adult audiobooks; Reviews: Young Adult

Reviews: Biography/Memoir; Reviews: History/Biography

Reviews: Audio Theatre; Reviews: Poetry and the Classics; Remembering E. B. White; Remembering George Plimpton

“Listening With,” Jeremy Cronon; Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Narrator Spotlight: Vikas Adam and Josh Hurley; Reviews: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Audiobooks and Literacy; Reviews: Historical Fiction; Reviews: Romance

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1644: Oct/Nov #4, 10/27/16

Oct 24, 2016

Essay: Audiopinion; Reviews: Fiction; Narrator Interview: Michael Urie

Editors’ Picks, Part I; Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Strand Originals: Crime; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Editors’ Picks Part 2; Reviews: Fiction; Author Interview: Catherine Banner

Editor’s Notes; Feature: Reviews; Mystery & Suspense; Narrator Interview: Lauren Fortgang

Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Listening With Amy Chozick

Reviews: Fiction; Feature: Julian Fellowes Belgravia

Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Feature: Authentic Voices Build Bridges

Reviews: Mystery and Suspense; Independent Publishers Spotlight

Reviews: Classics; Feature: In the Studio-Romeo and Jude; Feature: Learning by Ear-Reviews: Simplifying

Editor’s Picks, Part 2; Reviews: Science Fiction/Fantasy; Feature: In the Studio- SkyBoat

Editor’s Picks, Part 1; Reviews: History/Biography; Reviews: Romance

Editor’s Notes; Reviews: Biography Memoir; Narrator Interview: Paula Poundstone

Reviews: History/Biograpy/Memoir; Reviews: Children and Family Listening; Editor’s Notes: “25 Favorite AUDIOFILE Things.”

Reviews: Fiction; Reviews: History/Biograpy/Memoir

Reviews: Fiction; Author Interview: Monica Wood

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1629: Jun/Jul #5, 07/14/16

Jul 14, 2016

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Narrator Interview: Fiona Hardingham

Editors’ Picks, Part 2; Reviews: Romance; Listening With: Whoopi Goldberg