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Pets+Us is a weekly program of information and stories about the companions in our lives – our pets.  The program includes feature articles about the relationship between pets and their humans; useful tools and new products for pets; a “Don’t Eat That” segment that includes things that can be hazardous to your pet’s health; and stories from listeners about their own pets.

Ways to Connect

In their book, Zoobiquity, Cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers discuss what animals can teach us about health and healing.

Pet Poisoning Alert: Acetaminophen!  Although acetaminophen (Tylenol) is a common pain reliever for humans, it is very dangerous for your pet.  When dogs and cats ingest acetaminophen – either accidentally or because their pet owner inadvertently gave it to them, they can develop poisoning at low doses. The severity of acetaminophen poisoning depends on the species, as dogs and cats develop different clinical signs and problems with poisoning. Mary shares more details on this warning, as well as why and how to microchip your pet, and a cat who likes to go to school.

Pets+Us #1740: What do Parrots eat?, 09/28/17

Sep 25, 2017

What Do Parrots Eat? We'll hear about a comfort dog named Piggy, and Psychology Today explains the five main cat personalities - which one does your cat have?


Teaching your bird to talk, curbing your dog's barking, and preventing counter surfing. We'll explore what's behind these behaviors and how to work with each of them.

Disaster Preparedness - Pets Included! The Washington Post explains what we've learned and how things have changed since Hurricane Katrina. The ASPCA and FEMA share pet disaster preparedness plans, and we'll learn how non-weather related emergency evacuations can also affect our pets.

Pets+Us #1737: Do Dogs Cry? 09/07/17

Sep 4, 2017
Simply For Dogs

Do dogs cry tears like humans do, or for the same reasons? Also, figuring dog years versus human years, and a couple different types of grass for cats and dogs.

Pets+Us #1736: Can Dogs Spell? 08/31/17

Aug 28, 2017

I'm certain my dog can spell c-a-r-r-o-t-s (her favorite treat).  But can dogs really spell? And is it okay if they eat dairy? Host Mary DeFranco answers these questions and we'll learn how pets can be affected by thyroid disease.

Pets+Us #1735: Your Cat's Paws, 08/24/17

Aug 21, 2017

Everything you need to know about your cat's paws.  And in our Don't Eat That segment we explore which vegetables to feed your dogs.

Pets+Us #1734: Dogs in Summer, 08/17/17

Aug 14, 2017

We'll learn about summer dog training and feeding tips, why cats love cardboard boxes, and comedian Brian Fischler give us his top ten misconceptions about guide dogs.

Pets+Us #1733: Labrador Retrievers, 08/10/17

Aug 7, 2017

We'll learn about one of the most popular dog breeds, the Labrador Retrievers. 

Side bar:  So why are labs so often used as guide dogs?  While there are several dog breeds commonly trained for service, Labs are currently ranked as the most popular breed for guide work. The Lab’s quick intelligence, high energy, loyalty, and desire to please lend themselves well to the working lifestyle. Their natural curiosity can turn a trip to the grocery store or the daily commute to work into an adventure.

Pets+Us #1732: De-skunking your dog! 08/03/17

Jul 31, 2017
Plantation Pet Health Center

What to do if your dog is sprayed by a skunk. We'll have tips on camping with your pet, and a report on Tom the Comfort cat.

Your Purebred Puppy

In this week's episode, Mary shares information on some of the newest innovations in pet products.  She's also got information on pet massage, and the scoop about your pure break pub. 

Pets+Us #1730: Why Dogs Lick, 07/20/17

Jul 17, 2017

We tend to refer to them as "kisses." But why do dogs actually lick your face?  Host Mary DeFranco shares information about why dogs lick and also some reviews of the newest pet products.

Apartment Therapy

We'll learn how to build a catio, why dogs have whiskers and why they like to steal things


Host Mary DeFranco shares a discussion about whether the domestic house cats we have today are really domesticated, or are they still wild?  She'll also share tips on feeding your dog and keeping them safe from summer hazards, from Dogster.

Pets+Us #1727: Goats as Pets, 06/29/17

Jun 30, 2017

Host Mary DeFranco tells us what we need to know if you're thinking of getting a backyard goat as a pet.  She'll also share lots of hot weather safety tips for your pets.

A veterinarian offers tips on keeping pet medical costs down, we'll learn about caring for a three-legged dog or cat, and the return of Don't Eat That

What causes allergies to pets, are you allergic, and if you are, can you still have a pet?

Host Mary DeFranco shares several "How-to's" for pet owners.  From how to clicker train your cat, how to teach your dog his name, how to cat-proof your home, how to prevent dog bites, and more. 

Pets+Us #1723: Every Man Needs a Dog, 06/01/17

May 29, 2017
The Scarlett Woman

Host Mary DeFranco shares "Why Every Man Needs a Dog in His Life" from the June 2017 edition of Men's Journal which explains why life is just better with a dog. 

Pets+Us #1722: Cornell Veterinary Equine Park

May 22, 2017

Host Mary DeFranco shares articles from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine's Spring 2017 Edition of "Snoops" where we'll learn about the important work done at Cornell, including research at the Cornell Equine Park, canine dentistry, and cancer.

Here you see Cornell equine specialists using the standing MRI machine.

Waterville Valley Realty

Most often Lyme disease comes from contact with a deer tick that has feasted off another infected animal. If an infected tick bites, it can stay attached to the skin for 36 to 48 hours, and the bacteria is transferred into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body.

Today, host Mary DeFranco shares important information about ticks and Lyme disease, how to put together a cat first aid kit, and we'll learn about a study that looks at how even domesticated dogs can threaten endangered species.

Holly and Hugo

The Spring 2017 Health and Wellness edition of Pet Tales, made available by our friends at Monroe Veterinary Associates, includes information on back pain, acupuncture, pet skin conditions, pet insurance and pet first aid.

Pets+Us #1719: Adventure Cats, 05/04/17

May 1, 2017
Adventure Cats

Does your cat cry to get outside?  This week, we'll meet Adventure Cats, an organization dedicated to helping you share your adventures with your cats. We'll also meet a Maryland woman who provides a safe place for abused senior pets.

Read more about Adventure Cats.


The truth about Siamese cats - Myths and stereotypes are debunked as the author tells us about the playful and affectionate nature of this cat breed. And we'll learn how Guiding Eyes for the Blind, by working with IBM's Watson, can increase dog graduation rates—and help match the right dogs to the right people.

Learn more about the IBM Watson/Guiding Eyes project.

A report prepared for The Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation finds major health care cost savings are associated with pet ownership.  Using quantitative data obtained from previous studies, we estimate the health care cost savings are attributable to pet ownership.  Also, have you ever wondered if your dogs dream?  Host Mary DeFranco will help discover an answer.

What it takes to become a vet from the veterinarian's' point of view, and we'll learn about different veterinary specialists.


This week, host Mary DeFranco share information on what our children can learn from pets, ways to include your pet in your wedding, and Psychology Today explains why we love our cats.

The ASPCA can be a great help when looking for professional help for your pet's behavior.  We'll also hear some tips on moving with your pet, and understanding how well cats can read our emotions.


Have you ever wondered why your cat's tongue feels like sandpaper?  We'll find out on this episode.  We'll also be sharing tips on cutting pet care costs, and we'll hear about new apps for you and your pets.