The sugar industry has waged a decades long campaign to blame the obesity epidemic on fats, not sugars. The New York Times offers a guide on how to stop eating sugar, to help readers curb the excess sugar consumption that leads to many health problems.


The ASPCA explains the all-too-common problem of Separation Anxiety in dogs and gives us advice on how to deal with it.


When you strive to be the best in the world it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Staci Manella who recently competed in four Alpine Skiing events at the PyeongChang Paralympic Games.  Staci talks about how she compensates for her visual limitations, prepared for the competition, and experienced the event. (In this photo Staci Mannella (USA) follows her guide Sadie de Baun as they compete in the alpine skiing visually impaired women's Super G during the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic games.)

Read more about Staci Manella.

Feature: Kids and Teen Listening; Reviews: Children/Family Listening; Author Interview: Jason Reynolds

Just a little bit of help would make such a difference. In this program, you'll hear about audio description for our national parks' brochures, new help that is being offered by Google, Microsoft and Be My Eyes. And I'll include a few universal design tips. All of these topics will

provide just a little bit of help.

Articles from website Verywell  offer information on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease including myths, personality changes and recognizing apathy.

Reviews: Personal Growth and Business; Learning by Ear: “Revolution and Opportunity in the Workplace”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention would like us to learn the signs and symptoms of sepsis, now that estimates for the incidence of sepsis suggest that more than a million Americans develop sepsis every year and a quarter million die from it. Other articles look at the important signs and symptoms of heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, stroke, diabetes, and prostate cancer.

Since 1975 our country has been on notice about the inappropriate and dangerous use of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes.  Yet a recent Human Watch Report estimates at least 179,000 cases of abuse occur today and the group urges federal and state agencies to take tougher measures against it.

Pets+Us #1815: Pets with Dementia, 04/12/18

Apr 9, 2018

How to help our older pets with dementia, we'll explore the connection between vocal learning in birds and humans' ability to learn language, and the co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society has a suggestion to make airline travel safer for pets. 

EOS #1815: Oregon Adaptive Sports, 04/11/18

Apr 9, 2018

There are many opportunities for the disabled to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities these days.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Nancy Stevens of Oregon Adaptive Sports about how the program got started and what they do.  Whether you are interested in skiing, cycling, kayaking, etc., there is something for you!

Read more about Nancy's adventures.

Puppies in your dorm room? At some colleges they are not only allowed in your dorm room but they also can go to class with you. In this program, you'll hear about guide dog puppy raisers on campus. We'll visit Ithaca College, the University of Maryland and a few others.

ACB Reports: April 2018, 04/08/18

Apr 4, 2018

In this episode of ACB Reports, learn about the important modern role of residential schools for the blind.  We'll also hear about Ski for Light International:  40 years and going strong!  

Each year Ski for Light, Inc. conducts a week-long International Week that attracts upwards of 250 participants and guides. During the Ski for Light week each visually-impaired skier is paired for the entire week with an experienced, sighted, cross-country skier who acts as ski instructor and guide.

Feature: “Listening With,” Angela Adams; Reviews: Science Fiction & Fantasy; “In the Studio” - Recording Philip Pullman

A few articles focusing on ways that health care consumers, insurers, and accountable-care organizations are trying to reduce health care costs. UnitedHealthcare reports that it will pass rebates from drug companies on to consumers.

We'll learn about different types of trained service dogs, and find out what shots your dog needs

If you have low vision and are faced with the decision about giving up driving, there might be a way to continue to drive a car safely. This program will share information about bioptic driving, and it might help you to keep your keys.


Articles from AARP, 55+ and Sid Effects Public Media offer four different approaches to aging in place including simply renting a room , house sharing, joining a cohousing community or choosing a tiny house.

Drs. Foster and Smith

We'll learn about different types of trained service dogs, and find out what shots your dog needs.

EOS #1814: Apple Watch and Home Kit, 04/04/18

Apr 2, 2018

Many people wonder whether or not they should purchase an Apple Watch and how useful they might find it.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Alex Hall, one of the editors for AppleVis, about his experience with the Apple Watch and how he has taken control of his house using Apple’s Home Kit.  Also learn why you might want to join the AppleVis community.

Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Author Interview: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

A reboot of the Woody Allen film Annie Hall created at a senior center and other acting venues for seniors provide evidence of the health benefits for senior thespians.

With tens of millions of lives at stake, medical researchers are racing to create a universal influenza vaccine before the next devastating epidemic

You are exposed to blue light from many sources: the sun, the lightbulbs in your house, your TV screen and of course, those ubiquitous digital devices. This week, the program will focus on blue light and whether it's good for you or bad for you.

20 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Pet, the dangers of e-cigarettes, learn about kitten teeth, and new airline safety concerns for pets in flight.

Old Town Manor

Host Mary DeFranco shares 20 easy says to save money on your pet (from toys and food to medications), the dangers of e-cigarettes to animals, and we'll learn about kitten teeth, and new airline safety concerns for pets in flight.

iTunes - Apple

Wikipedia, AARP and the National Women’s History Project  provide history, profiles, and quotes from some familiar and some not so familiar women.


Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Narrator Interview: Rob Shapiro

Pets+Us #1812: Adopting a Pet Rabbit, 03/22/18

Mar 19, 2018
Great Sage

Are you thinking of adopting a rabbit? House Rabbit Society has some ideas on where to get your new pet. We have some cold weather tips from the ASPCA, and how to help timid pets.