Old Time Radio


1 - Command Performance; w/ Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, the Andrews Sisters, Spike Jones.

4 - Jack Benny; "Jack buys Don shoelaces."
5 - Author's Playhouse; "Christmas by Injunction."
6 - My Little Margie; w/ Gail Storm and Charles Farrell.
7 - Big Town; "Prelude to Christmas."
8 - "Return to Christmas Island"; w/ Gene Lockhart.

Old Time Radio for June 2017 -

Jun 7, 2017

1 – Bold Venture; w/ Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall; “Six Crates of Apples.”
2 – Abbot and Costello; “opening a gas station.”

5 – 21st Precinct; “armed robbery at a bar and grill.”
6 – The Aldrich Family; “Carrier Pigeons.”
7 – Dr. Christian; w/ Jean Hersholt; “blind boy story.”
8 – Cisco Kid; “The Prophet of Boot Hill.”
9 – Bing Crosby; w/ guest Groucho Marx.

October Old Time Radio programs

Oct 3, 2016

We'll scare you this month with shows from the Inner Sanctum and Vincent Price.  See all here. 

3 - Inner Sanctum; "The Shadow of Death."

4 - The Hardy Family; w/ Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, and Fay Holden; "The Truth About Marriage."

5 - Mr.  and Mrs.  North; w/ Joseph Curtin and Alice Frost; "Russian Restaurant Murder."

6 - Frontier Town; "Return to Dos Rios."

7 - The Saint; w/ Vincent Price; "Tuba Player."  See all