Louise Craig

Each week, host Louise Craig shares information to help you manage your overall health and well being. Topics include Migraines & other headaches, Diabetes diagnosis & tips; Dental Health; Mental Health & Aging; Nutrition & exercise; Health Care Proxies and Living Wills.

Health outcomes in Concordia Parish Louisiana are more comparable to developing countries than to much of the United States. What are the historic and current conditions that have created a part of the country that has been left behind.

What we know about breast cancer. Advice from survivors and experts on how to get through diagnosis and treatment. Information on why black women are more likely to diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.

A look at the winners and losers from passage of the 21st Century Cures Act.

A new year roundup of disease predictions, a summing up of the best medical news in 2016, and a guide to plan personal health care in 2017.

A radical new procedure aims to save gunshot and other trauma victims by freezing them. Includes the ethical concerns of conducting human trials on trauma victims who are unable to give consent.

A look at 4 different rare conditions, including progressive supranuclear palsy, aquegenic urticaria and body identity disorder

Items from BBC Future's Medical Myths section including articles such as: "Is crossing your legs bad for you?", "should you let someone with a concussion fall asleep?", "do colors really warp our behavior?.

From the Journal of the American Medical Association a look at why 110 Nobel Prize winners criticized Greenpeace for their campaign against genetically modified food.  A second piece gives an explanation of genetically modified foods.

Medical diagnostic cases to solve from the New York Times. Topics include chest pain, difficulty breathing, and unexplained weight gain.

How did health insurance become so costly and controversial? A look at the history of medical payment from the 1900's to today. Arguments for and against the continuation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).