low vision aids

Center For Sight

In this week’s program you will be hearing more from a brochure called “The Art of Living Well with Low Vision.”  There will be information on low vision aids and how to adjust to them. I’ll also have contact information for companies that supply these assistive devices.

Cornell Tech - Cornell University

Advances in computer technologies have opened up opportunities for assisting the visually impaired in new and innovative ways.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Shiri Azenkot, Assistant Professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, about some of her current projects and research in accessibility and human computer interactions.

EOS 1725: Low Vision Optometry, 06/14/17

Jun 12, 2017

There is no question that people with vision problems should be seen by an ophthalmologist to evaluate their condition.  Low vision specialists, on the other hand, aim to provide solutions to help in daily living.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Dr. George Kornfeld, a low vision optometrist, about aids and services that you might find beneficial.

Check out these resources for low vision aids:

A recent supplement that came with the Sunday newspaper provides good information about Vision Health. You'll hear about tips from an

optometrist, dietary supplements, ideas for coping with ARMD and the efforts of a Denver Broncos' linebacker to help kids with vision problems.